Types of Women You’d Always Love to be Around With!

Bruno Mars: Cause You’re Amazing Just the Way You Are!’


Although I still do not believe that just a day can define how powerful a women’s existence can be in your life, however, because it is the International Women’s Day on March 8, 2017, why not brag a little more about it. Well, now that you know this day has so much happening across the world, I being a woman would love to dedicate this blog to us women who make a special and important part of humanity.

On this International Women’s Day, I list out kinds of women you would always love to be around with:

Miss Super Duper Sweet

Sweet woman.gif

We all women are sweet in our own ways, however, there are some women are super sugary sweet and it kills us all to see how can someone be so nice to people every time. Well, that is how it is; women are the sweetest beings on the earth, only if you DO NOT push them to being the mean ones.

Miss In-Your-Face (Straightforward)

Straightforward girls.gif

There are women who love to speak their heart and mind out without thinking how it affects the other person, be it good or bad. We need such women in our lives because why not? We all want someone who can tell us nothing but the truth. (Well, not always!)

Miss Independent

independent woman.gif

Here is a shoutout to all the independent girls who did not give up on their dreams and fought all odds to get to this day! You deserve every bit of your success and keep up this work as it will not only help you grow professionally but also make you a wonderful human. High Five if you are the one!  *happy dancing*

Miss Feminist


All women have a part dedicated to feminism because this world needs it. And no, it is not about being above all, but being able to do whatever we want without hesitating for one, for all good reasons. If you are one, woman you are superb!

Miss Funny bones

Funny Woman.gif

These kinds of women are definitely the most favourite of the lot and a turn on for most. If you are witty, quirky and super funny and if you make people around you happy, hey miss funny bones, you got it just right.

Miss Chatter Box

Talkative woman.gif

We all have one woman in our lives who is always talking and is always found chatting with someone or the other and is the friendliest of the lot. Bet she has a zillion friends and she manages to keep up with all of them. Oh well, I can never do that, hence, I got just two friends (*crying in the corner*).

Miss Cutesy

cute woman.gif

Although cute is synonymous to all the women out there, however, most women are just too cute to miss. If you are the one out of all in your group, hey woman, raise your hand!

Miss Fashionista

fashionista girl.gif

Well, I am the most jealous of all fashionistas in my life. Damn, how do you manage to look so stylish and so sexy every effing time? Why, for once can’t you look like you just went through a fashion blooper? Well, women love to dress up and some of them are just pure fashion goddesses.

Miss Lazybones

lazy woman.gif

Yay, this is me, this is me! I declare myself the laziest one out there. Therefore, here is a shoutout to all the girls who cannot give up on the routine/monotonous life because you can’t break the protocol of being lazy.

I am sure I have missed out on too many of them because one girl can play a zillion roles in your life. But, anyway, all the women in your life are special in one way or the other and will never ever give up on you no matter what. Respect her, take care of her and most importantly love her just the way she is, SHE IS JUST TOO PRECIOUS.

To all the girls way too beautiful, wish you all a very HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! 

Do let me know what kind of woman are you in the comment box below! 🙂

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  1. Sanjana❤ says:

    Hahaha I feel in my squad I’m the one playing the role of all em!😹 except lazy bones😹😹

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No wonder girls play so many roles! 🙂 I am the lazy bones here! 😀
      Thanks for the comment Sanjana! 🙂
      Do subscribe to see more feeds!


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