Valentine’s Day: Gifting, with Love!

February 2017 is here and needless to say, we can all feel love in the air. And why not? Valentine’s Day is near and everybody is prepping up for this gorgeous day. Although there is no specific day that defines love but sometimes it is okay to celebrate such days because come on, you do not want to miss out on saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ to your counterpart. I would definitely not recommend greeting cards or materials for your love, however, I would stand by things you could do by yourself. Love is a personal feeling and no material can ever describe it, hence, I choose to go the natural way or the personalized way … A gift that is close to heart and serves as a beautiful memory!

Valentine’s Day: Gifts that Matter

Try to make your Valentine’s Day fun and naughty; do not set limits here! Get your thinking caps on-

Love Puzzle

love puzzle game.jpg

This is a very romantic gift, take a picture of you two and make a puzzle game out of it. Various online e-commerce sites offer some super customized puzzle games. Sip on some Wine (or any drink for that matter) and get the game going. Whosoever finishes the puzzle first will be the winner and that is not all. The winner who can choose any punishment for the bae will punish the loser! (Get as kinky as you can get *wink*). This game will set the evening mood leaving you both asking for more! Check out some of the sites that might help you get these puzzle games!

A Magical Date Night

date night.gif

Nowadays, due to a heavy workload and a busy life, it is so difficult to spend time with each other. Valentine’s Day is just the right excuse to spend some quality time and how! Well, try to set a super romantic date night. It is not necessary to spend heaps of money on setting the stage. You must know what your babe would like and just set the mood right. The date night can be a movie marathon night with drinks, a romantic private place dinner or anything that you both would love to together. This will help you both get a much-needed break and reminisce old love.

A ‘Pamper yourself’ Gift Hamper

Couple Massage.jpg

What better than gifting each other a pamper yourself day-out. How about a relaxing couple spa hamper? Or how about a fish spa pedicure together? Something that soothes your soul and calms your restless mind will be just the right gift to each other. You can follow this by a dinner date, which will be the perfect end to this gift!

Love Notes

Love ntoes.gif

Valentine’s Day is on a weekday this year and for sure, it is going to be a busy office day for you two. However, to give the day those feels, you can quickly put in some love notes in your partner’s bag, clothes, or even lunch box. All day long s/he will have sweet notes making his/her day better. A small gesture can make your love smile, a little more!

Kinky ‘Truth and Dare’ Game

truth and dare.gif

Without some passionate love, what is a valentine’s Day after all? To build up on this, you must try some nice and kinky truth and dare game with each other. Truth can get as sexy and dare can get dirtier as it continues. You can play this while drinking and obviously no limits attached (nothing too far though). This special game will help you build up the romanticism between you two and obviously, you know! *wink wink*

Alright guys, try and be different this time. PLEASE DO NOT follow the typical same route to expressing your love. You do not have to go out of your way or spend a hefty amount, but all you need to do is to be creative.

Tell me how you celebrated your Valentine’s Day in the comment box below!

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