Five Best Haircut and Hairstyle Apps to Plan your New Look (App-ifying Life)

I get most nervous when I choose to get a new haircut, trust me I dread HAIRCUTS! However, because it is super necessary to get your tresses a breather and to keep them healthy, you anyway get it done. Obviously, there are many things that come with it, including thinking of a hairstyle that suits your face cut, the hair length and what not. It is a headache, but thanks to technology for being kind enough to be in our pretty lives. This world of app-ification has brought to you a way to choose your own hairstyle like a boss!

The introduction of various hairstyle apps and virtual makeover apps has been a blessing to us and yeah, they are here to stay (an idea that can change your hairstyle without even cutting your hair). Let us look at these super cool Android and IOS apps that will help you get a virtual makeover and help you decide which hairstyle would look the sexiest on you!

Honestly, I have tried like a 50 of them and most of them looked fake, however, tried to collect some of them that were still better and helped a little (Very Little). Anyway, check them yourself out and let me know how it was!

Five Best (out of the lot) Haircut Apps that you Might Need

Ultimate Hairstyle Try-On

Ultimate Hairstyle Try On.JPG

This app gives me three options to select a photo, which includes Facebook, photo gallery and camera. It picks hairstyles from Hollywood stars. Ultimate Hairstyle Try on has numerous options to choose from and you can adjust the hairstyle according to the picture. The interface, however, is very boring and keeps lagging sometimes. However, it is better than any other app so I give it a thumbs up! You might just want to try on all the Hollywood actors’ hairdos! And why not?

Women Hair Changer

Women Hair Changer.JPG

About this app, it is a very simple app without too many choices, yet the ones you think are doable. The hairstyles can be adjusted according to your picture; fix size of the hair and move it in any way you want. Oh and it contains a complete makeover, so yes, you got some add-ons too.

Women Hairstyles

Women Hairstyles.JPG

This app is much similar to Women Hair Changer app. It gives you options to choose from and lets you adjust your new hairstyle with the picture. However, the problem is it does not have many options and can restrict you from experimenting more. Although you can try them as they have many doable hairdos.

Hairstyle Changer

HairStyle Changer app.JPG

The best part about the Hairstyle Changer app is that is consists of various hairdos and hairstyles for different occasions. You can watch these videos to learn various hairstyles. Choose your picture from the gallery or click a picture on the spot and select different hairstyles. Although the quality is not very good, but you can still get an idea of what you might want.

Hair Changer Woman


This photo editor app helps you select your picture and gives you a makeover including a new hairstyle/haircut. Do not confuse between the Women Hair Changer App and this one, they are different with their individual interfaces.

You might want to try these apps for fun, however, it is still advisable to get a good advice from the hairstylist and then take a step ahead. Remember to cherish the change you get! 🙂

Comment below and let me know when you are getting a new haircut and what would it be like! 🙂

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Image Source: Google Play Store



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