Top Five Must-Haves in your Bag to Survive this Winter!

Winter chill is not sparing us anyway and looks like there is no way it is going to stop anytime soon. It can leave you with an excessive dry skin and chapped lips, obviously yelling for more attention and care in this ferocious weather. To save yourself from the wrath this year, gift yourself some must-haves that you can carry along in your bag wherever you go. These five things can actually help you enjoy this weather without any worries!

Five Must-Haves in your Bag to Survive this Winter!

Lip Balm/Chap-Stick

Lip balms are the best cure for chapped or dry lips. In winters, generally lips tend to get a lot dry and painful. Being a sensitive part, it is imperative to keep them hydrated. I personally cannot step out without a lip balm in my bag. Lips crave for moisture and a nice quality lip care can do that for them. Ensure that your lip balm contains SPF, UVA and UVB protection. My lip balm leaves my lips all supple and happy!

Lip balm.gif


Dry skin is almost unattractive and a big turnoff! Hence, a good solution is to buy a mini portable bottle of moisturizer. Treat your skin with heavy moisturizer cream to give warmth and sensitivity. Choose gel based moisturizer that will help in repairing your damaged skin on the go. Do not let your body get rough under the weather and treat it with care.

Body lotion.jpg


One of the most exposed parts of your body is your hands, and trust me, winter chills can leave your hands rough and anhydrous. Get a good pair of gloves that is warm enough to keep your hands in a safe haven. This way it will help you keep them soft and safe from the winter waves.



It is not only summer when you need to apply loads of sunscreen to your exposed areas, but winter sun is all the more dangerous. The sun is as strong in the winter as it is in warmer months. Therefore, try not to forget your sun protection at home and apply regularly to avoid spots and freckles on your face and body.


Hand Sanitizer 

Winter season comes with cold and flu and does not spare us till it drains the life out of us! Therefore, wherever you go, carry a sanitizer to avoid germs entering your body. Do not forget to share it with people around you (not germs, only sanitizer).


NOTE: Carry a bottle of water and do not forget to drink loads of it. Remember, water helps you keep hydrated and is a natural cure for a dry skin and chapped lips.

So guys, enjoy winter and stay healthy while on the go!!! 🙂 

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Image Source: Giphy, puckermob



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