5 Quickies to look FAB on your Wedding Day!

Since last month, I have been going to many weddings and trust me; it does get tiring to sit for the ceremonies that stretch for hours and hours. If an attendee like me can get tired, can you imagine the bride and groom’s condition?

Weddings bells ringing can be amazing; however, the rituals and putting up with the entire hustle bustle around can be super tiresome for both the bride and the groom. Moreover, the time for the Saat Pheras (Indian ritual where the bride and the groom take seven vows together) are the most critical part and are usually done in the wee hours of the day (or night!). Undoubtedly, the extremely straining two-day ceremonies can make the bride look tired and weary; however, you cannot afford to look like one, because girl! It’s your Shaadi!! You just cannot afford to be looking drained out…

These 5 make-up tips for a wedding are quintessential part of your dreamy day and will help you look fresh as a daisy!

  1. Choosing loud colours for makeup is a big no-no- For a morning wedding, the makeup colours need to be warm and subtle. Loud colours will make your face too prominent showing off the tired you!
  2. Keep it natural and durable- Usage of face and eye primers can completely make or break your look. A good primer will not only smoothen your face but also keep the makeup intact and look very natural.
  3. Keeping it light- Choosing the right foundation that matches your skin tone gives you the right makeup too. Make sure your face and rest of the skin aren’t a mismatch.
  4. Say NO to glittery eyes- You can keep your eyes light or dark depending on your garb but avoid putting shimmer or glitter to them, as it will make you look only over-the-top.
  5. Get playful with lipstick- In the case of lipsticks, if you choose red, go for the dark shade, avoiding the bright reds of all. Best is to keep it absolutely natural and nude. A dark shade lipstick generally helps your face look a lot more fresh and bright than any other thing.

Tired bride.gif

All right ladies! Weddings do not need a heavy get up, keep it as light and natural as it can be! Say BYE to cake face and HELLO to the sexy natural you! After all, less is more! 🙂

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Image Source: zikimo.com



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