Easy Peasy Hangover Remedies

Drinking alcohol during festivities is not a very uncommon habit. However, the worst part of this habit is the hangover next day. I know all you readers can relate and would agree hangover always ruins the next day (big time) and you end up regretting, and you promise to never drink gallons of alcohol next time (promises are meant to be broken, eh?).

Worry no more, as I bring you some of the most natural and easy peasy hangover remedies that will not only help cure your headache, but also not let you regret anymore. These ingredients are easy to find in your kitchen and would not mean hours of hard work in an already messed up situation.

Hangover Remedies that Work!

Although these days, there are many hangover cure tonics available in the markets that claim to cure headache, dizziness and stuffiness; however, I still feel natural remedies are the best to cleanse your system and do not really affect your body as chemicals might do.

Here are a few easy peasy hangover remedies that will definitely help you find peace after the storm *wink*-

Drink truckloads of water

After consuming hard drinks, your body tends to get super dehydrated, which is why you complain of headache the next morning. Nothing best can work like water that helps you re-hydrate and work your system up. As soon as you wake up, just gulp a good number of glasses and see the immediate effect. (This is my favourite)

drink water.gif

Eat, eat, eat

Fill your stomach with a good amount of food (read healthy). Make sure you have breakfast or brunch that is easy to digest and is fibrous. Cereals and burnt toast are good to cut down on to your hangover and bring back some calories into your body.

eat loads.gif

Ginger is savior

Ginger consumption is one of the most effective constituents of curing a hangover. Generally, when you feel nauseated and dizzy, consuming ginger assists digestion of alcohol and settles the storm in your tummy. You can have ginger tea or ginger in juice consisting of lemon and honey.


Go bananas

Bananas also come in the category of best cures for hangover. When you are hungover, your body loses potassium that needs to be replenished. Eating bananas will provide relief. You can have a banana smoothie with some honey in it.



Tomatoes are super rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes that alcohol takes away from your poor body. Give your body some tomato juice with some sugar, lime and pepper added to it (the taste ain’t that bad though).


So get going and do not worry about not feeling human again. These super natural tricks will help you be sober. Apart from these, limejuice, electrolytes and sugar rush are second best options to cure your never-ending hangover. While it is okay to drink occasionally and end up with a bad hangover sometimes, it is equally important to drink responsibly and carefully!

Until Next Time, stay safe and stay healthy! 🙂

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