National Anthem Playing in Movie Theatres, Patriotism Really?

Last night I happened to watch a Bollywood Flick in a theatre and was made to stand for the National Anthem before the movie started. I stood up then, because of the fear of people beating me up for not being patriotic enough (I hope you have read about how people are bashed these days- news they say). Well, I gave in then, but now when I actually come to think of it, what was the relevance of actually playing the National Anthem in a movie theatre in the first place? What sort of patriotism is this? Is this how the government is ‘uniting’ people?

The Supreme Court recently made it mandatory for all the cinemas to play the national anthem before a film is screened stating it will display the ‘love for motherland’. Really? Now I know where does Bollywood get its over dramatic ideas from! Because millions of people watch movies everyday in theatres does not mean playing national anthem will help change their minds and mentalities.

Patriotism is no Showoff!

Patriotism is a value that most people cherish without having to demonstrate it in visible ways. It is not necessary to show it everywhere you go. Nationalism and patriotism cannot be measured. Playing national anthem will not in any measure bring out patriotism and nationalism in anybody. Let us not confuse our nationalism with dramatic showoff.

I would not be surprised to witness yet another rule imposed on us to sing ‘India is great’ in the movie theatres very soon. This is not helping us citizens in anyway, moreover, people come out for entertainment and are not obligated to display their love towards the country.

Relevance is the Key

The national anthem is meant to be played in places where it is relevant and respected enough. It is played in sports events because a team represents the country, it must be played in diplomatic events where diplomats represent the country.

National anthem, nationalism and patriotism cannot be forced on us, no matter what it is. Well, I personally do not support this decision and I think it is forced on me. This is not helping me to take patriotism seriously. I do not stand by it and probably would never ever stand by it!

What is your take on it? Do you think this is right? Do you think this rule imposition will help you in anyway? Comment and let me know your thoughts! 🙂

Image Source: NewsX


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