Psst Psst Men…Nehru Jackets are the New Essentials!

When it comes to a mix of modern and old school style, Nehru jackets make the perfect blend. It is a single breasted, close front-buttoned fitted coat, with a stand-up collar, Nehru jackets, which are an Indian version of waistcoats, also casually known as Bundi Waistcoats have brilliantly set themselves in all sorts of dresses. With Jawaharlal Nehru making it a style statement in 1960s, Nehru jackets have suddenly made a comeback and this time, they are here to stay.

Nehru Jackets- Everyone’s got the Style

Nehru Jackets were initially worn on a kurta meant for men, eventually became a favourite with plain shirts and trousers making them look dapper. These jackets are luminous articles of clothing today. Anybody wearing them makes a very influential statement. The addition of colored pocket squares makes it even more formal and smart.

Nehru Jackets- The New Sexy!

We all love Nehru Jacket for its timelessness, elegance and versatility it offers. Here are a few ways through which we can wear these jackets-


These jackets initially started with Khaki and plain colors. You could wear it with a kurta and churidar that will make you look extremely suave at any occasion. These days with kurtas, you can try contrasting and experimenting with the colors. Nehru jackets go extremely well with dhotis and pyjamas for a classic ethnic look.

Long Sleeved jackets with Trousers

 Nehru jackets are very stereotyped, however, you can always give it a new look and feel altogether. A long sleeved jacket adorned with some pattern on them will give Nehru jackets a completely bold and new look. You can pair them up with stylish contrasting trousers. You can avoid any accessory and embellishments to make it look perfect.

Jodhpuri Pants

Jodhpuri pants are the sexiest garbs that men wear. Adding to it, a Nehru jacket gets you all drooling. You can wear it in any event, function or a party and get those eyes rolling.

Button-less Jackets

The most recent trend that we are going to see ahead is button-less Nehru jackets. The plain colored jackets can change the typically classic look and is a breath of fresh air.

Shirt and Jeans

This is the trendiest and most stylish look that we saw coming up. Pairing Nehru jackets look with a shirt and jeans can make you look graceful yet casually stylish.

While we can see how Nehru jackets have gained momentum, we definitely see they are no fads, but trends that will remain forever. So men, do not worry, you have a lot to experiment! All you need to do is let your creative juices flow! Grab your Nehru jackets and experiment with how you would like it to be. 🙂

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Image Source- looksgud, the evening shiraz, yellclubwear



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