What’s So Random?

We humans have entangled ourselves in building our careers, relationships and social lives forgetting one aspect- to feel! We abstain ourselves to ‘feel’ nowadays. In a world where technology has conquered humanity, we are mere robots that work their arses (read asses) off to obtain one constant- SATISFACTION! My question is why to think of achieving a constant? Why to be happy only when you get that one thing in your life? Why can’t you be happy to see random things in life and appreciate every bit of it? Why not appreciate that little yellow flower in your garden? Why not admire the oregano on your pizza that gives a treat to your taste buds? Why not taste food that you have not touched in your life? Why not take out time to re-visit your passion that you left behind somewhere in your busy life? Happiness is little things and you will not find these little things in a routine life. Travel, eat, love, live, be happy, appreciate, be positive and just be random!

Caricaturing Randomness!

My blog Of All Random Things is all about being random. I am in no mood to restrict myself to just one genre but appreciate everything that is around me, something that makes me happy. I will write about things that relate to you, me and this whole wide world- Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, wellness, health, food, name it! Randomness is the new high and I do not want to thwart myself from being one!

If you think you are as random as I am and have something to share with me, I am all ears! 🙂 JUST ‘SAY HI TO RANDOM’….. 

image source: dribbble


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